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15 Oct 2006

Vine Type 1.5 Now Available

Vine Type Version 1.5 is Now Available for download.

With this release, Vine Type brings some exciting new features -- integration with two of the most beloved social networking websites around: Ma.gnolia and Flickr.

Ma.gnolia is the rising star among several social bookmarking websites. I am impressed with the quality and features Ma.gnolia provides via programming interfaces. With only two configuration entries, Vine Type users can easily add bookmark lists to their web sites.

Flickr, if you haven't heard, is the shining star in online photo sharing. Vine Type makes adding Flickr photos to web sites easy. After adding a few configuration file entries and template file variables, your Flickr photos are easily displayed in one of several different ways.

Version 1.5

  1. Fixed

    • Additional fixes to keep Vine Type on correct section when adding or updating an article
    • Occasional XML-not-well-formed error when searching with summaries on
    • ATOM10 and RSS20 feeds now deeply link articles
  2. Added

    • Flickr Support
    • Ma.gnolia Support
    • over 20 new more specific template variables for
      • article_posted time
      • article_updated time
      • comment added time
    • two new template variables that remove previous dependency on default.aspx
      • $_aspx
      • $_aspx_section
  3. Upgrade Instructions

    • replace vinetype.dll
    • in your template files
      • replace action="default.aspx" with action="$_aspx_section"
      • replace any remaining occurrences of default.aspx with $_aspx
    • refresh your browser


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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