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17 May 2005

XHTML Compliant

What does XHTML compliant mean?

This means that your website adheres to the international internet standards committee recommended means to present internet websites. With no alteration, the standard Vine Type powered website will produce XHTML Strict Compliant web pages.

A standards-compliant website should be the goal of every web site owner and content management system. Being compliant to World Wide Web Consortium Standards ensures that your website will continue to appear as it was designed and intended.

XHTML is the next generation of HTML and has been approved by the internet's governing body. Getting a content management system to adhere to the XHTML Strict standard is, quite frankly, not easy. It takes thoughtful design and careful decision-making to provide a rich set of features and still adhere to the standard.

Other content management systems are hamstrung by their older standards-lacking designs and now find themselves stuck trying to re-engineer a framework based on outdated and non-compliant website building techniques.

Vine Type is a content management system built on a solid framework with XHTML compliance in mind and, therefore, can offer a rich set of features while maintaining compliance and customizability.

Even if standard compliance isn't your most important requirement, having it can bring peace of mind and assurance that your website is at the forefront of design standards rather than being built upon standards already known to be out of date.

Other Standards

Vine Type accommodates DOCTYPE adjustments allowing you as a designer flexibility in site design.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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