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10 Oct 2006

AspNetPRO Magazine Review

Asp.NetPRO Magazine just released a very positive review of the Vine Type 1.4 Content Management System.

Microsoft MVP Anand Narayanaswamy authored the article, and praises Vine Type for its small size, ease of installation, and ease of content management. He writes:

"I found it very interesting to work with the product as it is easy to manage all the required settings using a single configuration file rather than locating and editing several files."

Vine Type is further praised for its ease of upgrading, portability, as well as Vine Type's ability to provide rich text entry without the need of a "heavyweight WYSIWYG text editor."

Read the entire review at the AspNetPRO website.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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Discuss Vine Type or pose questions at the official Vine Type Forum hosted by ASP Advice.

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