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21 Oct 2005

Template File Elements

Vine Type template files are XML files with a root node of template. They are saved with a file extension of .html and stored in the vinetype folder. Although templates are saved with the .html extension and even though they will most likely be viewable through a web browser, they are not HTML files, they are first and foremost XML and maintaining well-formed structure is absolutely essential.

Template File Structure


Each template contains six elements that describe the XHTML to be produced by Vine Type, which fills in the template variables with live data at run time.

html element

The html element is the main section and where the bulk of your customizations will occur. This is the overall template structure of the website. Here is where you will add site-wide imagery references etc.

The html element will contain Vine Type variables to indicate placement of various web site elements such as search box, breadcrumbs, and navigation.

Some Vine Type variables that represent items such as articles, comments, and comment forms are further described by their own elements in the template file.

  • $_article described by article
  • $_comments described by comment
  • $_comment_form described by commentform
  • $_login described by login
  • $_contentadmin described by contentadmin

article element

For each article associated with a particular section, Vine Type will generate XHTML described by the article element of your template.

Vine Type supports unlimited articles per section. The order that articles appear is determined by your choice of ordering as specified by the $article_sort value in the vinetype.config file.

comment element

comment placement on the page is described by the $\_comment variable in the html element, and individual comment XHTML is described by the comment element of the template.

form elements

Vine Type templates contain three elements for forms: login, contentadmin, and commentform. Values and input elements within the forms should not be altered, but elements can be rearranged if you desire.

In addition, the contentadmin element will contain a $_commentadmin variable to indicate placement of comments in administrative mode. The $_commentadmin variable references XHTML described by the commentadmin element in the Vine Type template.


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