Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

17 Oct 2005


The vinetype.config file provides many settings to control several aspects of your Vine Type - powered website. The file contains settings in the form of


That is, they begin with the $ character, followed by the variable name, followed by the : character, followed by the variable's value that you specify.

Textual Variables

Some variables represent text that might appear on the website that are unrelated to articles. For instance, error messages appear in the vinetype.config file.

By placing all visible words into the configuration file, Vine Type creates a language-neutral framework, allowing users who speak French or German (or a hundred other languages) to customize the site in their native tongue.

Behavioral Variables

Other variables in the vinetype.config file alter the way that Vine Type processes your website. For instance, there is a variable that turns the entire comment feature off. When this variable is set to off, Vine Type immediately stops displaying any comment forms.

Note that the variable value is in English, but it is not seen by the website visitor.

Template Variables

Template variables take the form


starting with dollar-underscore and appear primarily in template files, but many can be specified as values in the configuration file. For example:

$formatted_comment_count2:$_comment_count comments


If you wish to make comments in the vinetype.config file, you may do so by starting a line with the # character. The entire line is ignored.

# show articles newest on top
$article_sort:article_edited DESC

Vine Type does not support inline comments, meaning you cannot place a comment on the same line as a $name:value variable definition. Vine Type will interpret the # and your comment as a part of the value.

Suggested Customization

At a minimum, the following entries in the vinetype.config file should be customized to your website:

If your site is not generating US English web pages, then you should adjust these entries:

If your site is not generating English web pages, then you should adjust these entries:

And, optionally, the $error messages to display error messages in the proper language.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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