Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

01 Sep 2006

Syndication Feeds

Vine Type Supports a variety of syndication feeds. Use these URLs within your site to enable syndication for your site visitors.

All Articles


Your Atom 1.0 feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=atom10. Your RSS 2.0 feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=rss20

All comments


Useful mainly to site owners who want to keep track of all comments to all articles.

Your Atom 1.0 comment feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=atom10wb. Your RSS 2.0 comment feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=rss20wb

Single Article comments


Your Atom 1.0 single-article comment feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=atom10wb&id=nn where "nn" is the article id of the article to track. Use the variable $_articleid in your template to generate the proper subscription link.

Similarly (you're seeing a pattern here I'm guessing) the RSS20 feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=rss20wb&id=nn

Section Articles


Your Atom 1.0 section articles feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=atom10&section=ss where "ss" is the name of the section being subscribed to. The corresponding RSS 2.0 feed is your domain name followed by default.aspx?feed=rss20&section=ss

For instance, section=news would subscribe only to the news section of a website. All articles within news and any articles in subsections below the news section would belong to the subscription.

Google Sitemap


Google Sitemaps are XML files that Google can use to better index your site. Google can also provide statistics and analysis of your site. Vine Type generates Google Sitemaps dynamically rather than with static files.

Note: Google Sitemaps are active on Vine Type Pro licenses only.


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