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17 May 2005

Markdown Text Entry

When some of the greatest minds in computer science put their heads together on how they could improve the user experience in dealing with websites, they came up with this shocking revelation:

Get Rid of HTML

Well, don't get rid of it, per se, but come up with something easier to deal with that doesn't have all the < signs and the > signs and something that doesn't reformat your whole page when you forget one little letter.

Enter Markdown

Markdown is brilliant in its simplicity and power. For italic text, place an underscore "_" on either side of the words you want italicized. For bold text, type two underscores "__" on either side of the words you want bold. It's that easy.

Other Markdown notations provide additional features and formatting control.

Vine Type provides the full range of Markdown features as a standard feature. No add-ins. No plug-ins. No adjustments.

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