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18 Oct 2005

How To Log In

To access the administrative portions of Vine Type, you'll need to log in first. To access the login box and button, open your web browser to your domain name followed by default.aspx?login=admin

For instance, if your website domain is, then you would type in:

If you don't want to have to remember that, you should create a bookmark or favorites entry that includes these extra bits of information. Press the Enter key or click the Go button to bring up the login text box and button.

Enter the password you created in Step 3 of the installation, then click the Login button.

If you typed in your password correctly (passwords are case-sensitive) then the home page will appear in its normal state, but with extra boxes at the bottom of the page.

Login Timeout

Your IIS Server may be configured to automatically log you out after a period of time. This feature is enabled by default (this is called session expiration) after 20 minutes of inactivity. Inactivity is time between clicking a link or a button.

So be aware that typing into a text box is seen by your IIS web server as "inactivity time" even though you might be very productive typing in inspirational and thought-provoking prose. If you type for twenty-one minutes then click the Save Changes button, guess what? Your work is gone.

The lesson is: Save Your Work Often.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


Add professional features to your Vine Type site by purchasing a Vine Type Pro license.


Discuss Vine Type or pose questions at the official Vine Type Forum hosted by ASP Advice.

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