Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

06 Nov 2005


  • $_archives
applicable sections
  • html
associated vinetype.config variables

Place this variable at the location in the body element where you want the monthly listing of archive links to be placed.

  • Each year of archives will be placed in a paragraph with the class attribute of archiveyear.
  • The months of that year will be placed into an unordered list with a class attribute of archivemonths. The month names will be in list elements within the unordered list.
  • Each month name will be followed by
    • an opening bracket
    • the number of entries
    • a closing bracket

A span element with a class attribute of archivemonthbracket will contain all three items. The middle item, the actual count of articles, will be displayed within a span element with a class attribute of archivemonthcount.

If you wish to display only the month names and not the count of articles, use a CSS selector such as the one below to prevent the counts from displaying.

span.archivemonthbracket { display: none; }

The opening and closing brackets are customizable through the vinetype.config file. The variable values are $archive_bracket1 and $archive_bracket2.


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