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18 Oct 2005

IE PNG Transparency

Every Vine Type website provides built-in support for 24-bit PNG (pronounced "ping") images containing transparency. Many browsers support this natively, but a couple of the more popular browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 do not.

For this reason, many website designers shy away from using PNG images, even though they are recommended by the international web standards body. PNG transparency allows an image to blend nicely with any background color or image.

To be fair, the IE browsers mentioned do support PNG images, but they don't natively support the transparency part of the PNG standard.

Solution to the Internet Explorer Problem

Some brilliant minds, however, have been able to get Internet Explorer to support transparent PNGs, and Vine Type comes bundled with the necessary files to get these browsers to show transparent PNG images.

Most content management systems leave it up to you to find and add support for PNG images. The Vine Type content management system, however, provides this support as a built-in feature. No extra work is required by you, simply use the images in your website and Vine Type will make them work on Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0.

Good News for Internet Explorer 7

Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 supports PNG transparency.


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