Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

20 Oct 2005

How To Create A Section

A section is analogous to a folder on your computer.

When creating or editing an article, type in the complete section path, starting with the top section and separating section names with the slash / character. Always start with the top-level section name when creating sections.

Top-Level sections are special and appear in their own top-level navigation division.

Vine Type allows any number of articles within each folder, and imposes no limit to section nesting. There are practical limits; but depths of ten or twenty deep should be no problem. Subsections are purely optional. Websites can be created with top-level sections only.


  • home
  • home/contact us
  • home/contact us/directions

Additional Notes

There is no need to create a section before adding an article to it. Whatever section name you associate to an article will be added to the Vine Type navigation system. When all articles in a section are deleted or moved out of it, the section will disappear from the Vine Type navigation system.

Note, however, that a section will remain in the navigation system if articles exist in sections nested below it -- otherwise there would be no way to navigate to those deeply nested articles.


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