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30 Nov 2005


  • $_article_posted

The following variables added in Vine Type 1.5

  • $_article_posted_yearnum
  • $_article_posted_yearnum_short
  • $_article_posted_monthnum
  • $_article_posted_monthnum_short
  • $_article_posted_monthname
  • $_article_posted_monthname_short
  • $_article_posted_wkday
  • $_article_posted_wkday_short
  • $_article_posted_daynum
  • $_article_posted_daynum_short
  • $_article_posted_time
  • $_article_posted_time_24
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Place the $_article_posted variable at the location in the article element where you want the timestamp of when the article was created and posted to your website.

The formatting of this timestamp is controlled by the $time_format entry in your vinetype.config file.


The other twelve variables are just subsets of the $_article_posted time. They allow you to place different parts of the date separately, allowing for more creative ways to display the date. Examples shown below

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The following are variables and values generated for an example date and time 3:09pm Saturday April 8, 2006

    2006 $_article_posted_yearnum
      06 $_article_posted_yearnum_short
      04 $_article_posted_monthnum
       4 $_article_posted_monthnum_short
   April $_article_posted_monthname
     Apr $_article_posted_monthname_short
Saturday $_article_posted_wkday
     Sat $_article_posted_wkday_short
      08 $_article_posted_daynum
       8 $_article_posted_daynum_short
 3:09 pm $_article_posted_time
   15:09 $_article_posted_time_24
  • Weekday names are shown in English since this example is for $culture of en-us. Changing the culture value will change the weekday names and their abbreviations to that culture's language.


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