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16 Oct 2006


  • $_flickr_a_nnn
  • ...through...
  • $_flickr_z_nnn
applicable sections
  • html

Place this variable at the location in the html element where you want your Flickr photos to appear.

associated vinetype.config variables

These three vinetype.config entries define a Flickr photo set "a". To display the photos from photo set a on your web page, add the associated template variables.

  • Only photos with a Flickr privacy setting of Public will be returned.

  • If you request more photo URLs than match the tags in your Flickr collection, Vine Type will create template variables for the number of photos in the collection.

  • The maximum number of URLs to request is 100.

Note: Showing 100 Flickr photos on a single page may violate the Flickr terms that you agreed to when obtaining an API key. Vine Type allows requesting up to 100 URLs to work in conjunction with random variables so that you can show a small random collection of a larger number of photos. The number of photos displayed on your website is controlled in the template file, not in the configuration file.

  • To request recent photos, regardless of their tags, use the special value "all-recent" (without the quotes) in the $flickr_tags variable.

  • In order to access your Flickr photos, you will need to also provide these two vinetype.config file entries:

  • When you obtain an API key from Flickr you agree to terms governing your use of Flickr photos. I recommend that you become familiar with these terms.

  • You don't have to display all the photos you request. By using Vine Type random numbers, you could display four of the most recent 50 photos. This would display a different set of photos with each page refresh.

four random photos example

Create a Flickr photo set and a random variable in your config file. In this example it is the random_q variable:


Then use the random values in the template file like this:


Vine Type might display, for example, the following four photos:


The same photo would never appear twice on the same page because of the way Vine Type random variables work. That is, $random_q001 is always different from $random_q002 and $random_q003 et cetera.


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