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18 May 2005

Write Back Expiration

The Vine Type content management system gives you the power to "turn off" customer feedback for each article after a specified amount of time. This feature, not present in all content management systems but built into Vine Type is another measure to keep unwanted comments from appearing on your web site.

For more background on this annoying practice, visit the write back nofollow feature page.

Saves Time

Very often it isn't the most current articles that attract comment spammers -- it's the older, rarely visited articles that attract these folks. By automatically closing articles to comments, Vine Type saves you time and effort monitoring all the comment comments in all your articles.

When creating a new article, simply enter the number of days you wish to accept write back comments. Once time is up, Vine Type will no longer allow commenting for that article.

Creating Information-Only Pages

Some things on your site might be informational only and write back commenting might not be applicable. Simply place a zero for the number of days to accept comments, and write back forms will never appear for that article.

And if you've been paying attention you've noticed that Vine Type gives you ultimate freedom and flexibility in deciding which articles expire when. Yes, each article is controlled separately, allowing you to create "normal" web pages next to write back enabled web pages.

Write Back Off

If that seems like extra work to enter expiration days each time you create an article, don't worry. There's a single master switch that can turn all write backs off for the entire website.

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