Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

26 Mar 2006


  • $_site_map
applicable sections
  • html

Place this variable at the location in the body element where you want a site map of your site to appear.


Creation of a site map page currently requires the creation of a new template file. The site map template will look identical to the standard article template, except where the $_article variable appears in the standard template, the $_site_map variable appears.

Then the site owner needs to add a new page to the website, and specify the section where the site map page will live, and choose the site map template from the template dropdown for that page.

  • all pages in your website will be shown in nested unordered lists
  • each page name will be hypertext linked to the page it references
  • pages that are cross-referenced will be displayed in every cross-referenced section
  • this is best used on blog-style sites where multiple articles appear within a single section
  • for brochure-style sites that have one article per section, use the $_nav_map variable


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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