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19 Oct 2005


  • $comment_challenge_qn
  • $comment_challenge_an

where n is the number 1 through 99

  • textual
associated template variable

comment challenge questions presented to your website visitors when providing feedback, and their associated answers. comment challenge is an effective way to combat Comment Spam.

comment spam

Comment spam is the unwanted practice whereby visitors to your website place unrelated text and links into website comment forms. More often than not, the comments are not placed onto a website by humans but by computer programs that scour the internet looking for a way to create links to particular sites -- more than likely of no interest to you or your website visitors.

comment challenge

comment challenge questions are simple to answer questions of your creation. You specify the question in a $comment_challenge_q entry and the answer in a $comment_challenge_a entry.

comment challenges must be created in pairs between 1 and 99 but do not have to adhere to a sequential pattern. This means if you have a $comment_challenge_q5 then you must have a $comment_challenge_a5 but you don't have to have all pairs between one and four for the #5 challenge pair to become active.

When an article is shown and comments are active and unexpired, then the comment form will appear with a randomly-chosen challenge question. The correct answer to the question is required before Vine Type will accept the visitor's comment.

Vine Type comes with three standard questions, but you are encouraged to edit and add to this list.

$comment_challenge_q1:What color is an orange?


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