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12 Jan 2006

Site Maps

Vine Type provides two different types of site maps to meet the needs of just about every web site content manager.

Site Map

The first type is the traditional site map. Every section and every article in every section is listed and linked in a hierarchy of nested bulleted lists.

Since Vine Type supports unlimited cross-referencing of articles, a single article will appear in the site map under every section to which it is associated.

Nav Map

The second type is a nav-map. Every section is listed and linked in a hierarchy of nested bulleted lists. Individual articles themselves do not appear in the nav-map.

The nav-map is useful for the small website that consists of only one article per section. If the traditional site map were used, both the section and the one article it contains would be linked.

Navigation for CSS Flyouts and Dropdowns

Site Maps and Nav Maps were designed so that they could be used for "fly-out" or "dropdown" navigation via CSS. For a demonstration of a Vine Type fly-out navigation (the example site uses a $_nav_map to create its navigation list) visit the Vine Branches web site.

Which Do I Use?

For Fly-Out or Dropdown menus, I recommend the nav-map. For a site map page, here are my recommendations:

  • For small sites (under 20 pages) I would recommend the nav-map.
  • For larger sites that have three or more levels of subsections, I would recommend the traditional site map.


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