Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

03 Jul 2006

About This Site

The Vine Type website is being managed by the Vine Type software product itself.

One template is used for most pages, including this one. Another template is used for the Home page, and a third for the Site Map.

Every page of this site (over 200 unique pages) is error-free Strict XHTML.

Every page, it is believed, conforms to the highest accessibility standards and incorporates several accessibility features. Additional details about our passion for accessibility is found in the Accessibility Statement.

  • This site was designed by Carl Camera, maker of Vine Type. All template imagery and graphics are his creation.

  • This site use the Blueprint CSS Framework to define its page structure.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


Add professional features to your Vine Type site by purchasing a Vine Type Pro license.


Discuss Vine Type or pose questions at the official Vine Type Forum hosted by ASP Advice.

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