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18 Oct 2005

How To Add A New Article

Vine Type allows you to manage what it calls articles. Think of articles like newspaper articles. They have a headline (title) and text and they live in a section.

But don't think of an article as a web page.

Vine Type is a content management system that lets you put more than one article on a web page, and it lets you put the same article on multiple pages.

To add a new article

  1. Log in to gain access to your administrative features
  2. Click the Add New Entry button
  3. Enter the Title of the article
  4. Enter the Section that the article will live in
  5. Choose a template from the dropdown list
  6. Enter the number of comment Days you wish to receive comments
  7. Type in the Text in Markdown fashion that you want to appear on the page
  8. Click the Save Changes button

Click Add New Entry First

Perhaps the most important step above is the first one. You may be tempted to fill in the entire form, then click Add New Entry. Don't do it! Always click Add New Entry first then enter your data.


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