Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

24 May 2005


Pardon the pun, but Vine Type offers "a bunch" of the most useful content management features. Browse the features list and learn how Vine Type offers the power and flexibility you want as a designer, and the ease of site maintenance your clients will love.

Vine Type is designed to be a useful content management system right out of the box. These are built-in content management features that require no add-ins, plug-ins or additional scripts. Adjustments and configuration for these built-in features is done in one central configuration file.

What About Security?

Vine Type doesn't rely on a scripting language or SQL Server so there's no need to patch your clients' systems when a vulnerability is found. Your site's security is as safe as the administrative password - so make it a good one.

World Class

Vine Type accommodates over 100 languages and cultures, persons with special needs, and international internet standards. It is one of a few, or perhaps the only, .NET Framework CMS that consistently serves up the most recent W3C-recommended XHTML-compliant web pages.

Built with Web Standards in Mind

And since Vine Type is Content Management with Standards in Mind, your website will consistently generate W3C valid XHTML web pages. (W3C is the World Wide Web [internet standards] Consortium.)


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


Add professional features to your Vine Type site by purchasing a Vine Type Pro license.


Discuss Vine Type or pose questions at the official Vine Type Forum hosted by ASP Advice.

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