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24 May 2006

How To "View" Your Website

What I mean is how to conceptualize how the content is put onto your website and how it is presented.

The "old view" is to look at your website as a storefront. Your website is the store and it has several display windows. When you want to change your website, you change the display window.

This is how many websites get started and there's even a phrase "your standard five-page website" that imposes the limit of five pages or display windows that only get changed occasionally.

That's not how you should view your Vine Type website. Your Vine Type website is a Newspaper Publisher. You create articles and publish them to sections much the same way your hometown newspaper publishes sports articles or news articles.

When you add an article, you specify which section(s) it belongs to. Vine Type will handle the navigation and displaying it. You can put more than one article into the same section. Integrated RSS will automatically notify people subscribed (see the newspaper terminology here?) to your website that a new article has been published.

You Can Have Your Display Window Too

Okay, so Vine Type allows display-window-style articles as well. These are merely articles published to a single section (say...your "directions" section) and provide that standard content. If you move offices and need to update that article, Vine Type lets you do that too.

Still, you don't have to limit yourself to a set number of pages -- and if your pages are getting long you might want to consider splitting them up or creating a subsection for them.

In fact, on this site, the majority of "pages" are single-article sections. This is how you create a "web page" with Vine Type: one article per section.

The News section, however, has multiple articles in it, and each is displayed most recent to least recent.


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