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24 May 2006

How To Add A Subsection

After you've written a few articles, you may sense the need to categorize these articles into subsections.

Subsections are created by editing the Section textbox for an article. Suppose you have three articles that have the section names:

  • Map To Our Office
  • Directions From the Airport
  • Directions from the Train Station

They appear one after the other on your main navigation. Let's group them under "Directions" like this:

Edit each article, altering the Section definition as shown here...

  • Directions/Map To Our Office
  • Directions/Directions From The Airport
  • Directions/Directions From The Train Station

Now on the main navigation, all we see is "Directions". Clicking on it reveals the three pages safely placed into their subdirectory.

Almost Done

The only problem with this, is that there is now a "blank" page when clicking on "Directions." You can either

  1. Create a new page with Section "Directions" and add text to it or
  2. Choose one of the three existing pages (perhaps the Map page) and set its Section to "Directions" to fill the void created by the creation of the "Directions" subsection.


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