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16 Oct 2006


As of January 30, 2009, has been out of commission with no stated date to return. The functionality remains in Vine Type in the hopes that this useful bookmarking service will one day return.

  • $ma.gnolia_get_a
  • ...
  • $ma.gnolia_get_z

The letters a through z represent up to 26 sets of Ma.gnolia lists. Each group is defined by two entries ending in the same letter.

  • behavioral
associated template variables
  • $_ma.gnolia

The maximum number of matching bookmarks to retrieve from Ma.gnolia.


These two variables would define the Ma.gnolia bookmark set "a". To display the bookmarks from set a on your web page, place the associated template variable in your template file.

  • Both private and public bookmarks will be returned.

  • If you request fewer bookmarks than match your tag(s) the list will contain the most recent entries

  • The maximum number of bookmarks to request is 100.

  • To request recent bookmarks, regardless of their tags, use the special value "all-recent" (without the quotes) in the $ma.gnolia_tags variable.

  • In order to access your Ma.gnolia bookmarks, you will need to also provide these two vinetype.config file entries:

    • $ma.gnolia_screenname
    • $ma.gnolia_password


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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