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23 Aug 2006

Google Sitemap

Google Sitemaps are special pages that Google can use to more efficiently index your web site. They're not very pretty to look at (unless you're a programmer) and they aren't meant to be viewed or used by your web site visitors. The only visitor that uses them is Google and the google bots that constantly roam the internet looking for new information.

Why Would I Want Google Sitemaps?

By providing a Google sitemap, you help Google and you help yourself. Google benefits because it can easily keep track of your whole website, and with one file be able to determine which parts of your site have changed since its last visit.

Google Sitemaps help you because Google will allow you to view statistics and information concerning your site. With this information, you can make adjustments and changes to provide better access to Google and other internet indexing sites.

Registering Your Google Sitemap URL

Of course you have to let Google know where to find your site's Google Sitemap. This is accomplished by visiting the Google Sitemaps site, creating an account, and registering the URL of your site's Google Sitemap.

Updates Are Instant and Automatic

Vine Type generates Google Sitemaps dynamically rather than with static files. This means you do nothing to keep your Google Sitemap updated. Vine Type automatically updates your site's Google Sitemap every time you add, delete, or edit an article on your site.

The URL of your Vine Type Google Sitemap is:


...preceded by your site's domain name of course.

Once you've notfied Google of your site's Google Sitemap, Google can begin to provide statistics and analysis of your site.

Note: Google Sitemaps are active on Vine Type Pro sites only.


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