Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

21 Sep 2006


  • $_gravatar
applicable sections
  • comment

Place this variable at the location in the comment element where you want a gravatar to appear.

associated vinetype.config variables

Gravatars, Globally Recognized Avatars, are images associated with email addresses. They are popular for blog sites where multiple comment entries are posted from visitors.

Here's an overview of how gravatars work:

  • A person has to register his or her email address with

  • That person then uploads an image to be associated with a particular email address.

  • The Gravatar site, then sends images to web site pages that request gravatars in a special way.

  • The system is designed so that email addresses are protected even though the image coming back from was obtained from an email address. For more information on how email addresses are protected, visit the web site.


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