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17 May 2005

Write Back Spam Deterrence

Accepting write back comments from the general internet public comes with some risk. While the majority of internet citizens are fine upstanding individuals, there are a few that seek to take advantage of the ability to place words and especially links on your website.

This is commonly known as comment spam and has caused problems for content management systems for quite a while. The malfeasants don't normally visit the websites in person. They create programs called bots that scour the internet looking for and indisriminately filling in comment forms with innocuous comments that include links to their sites.

For some background on this annoying practice, visit the write back nofollow feature page.

Fighting Write Back Spam

Vine Type incorporates the best and most customizable solution to defeat these bots. Vine Type provides the ability for the user (that's you) to create simple questions and their answers. One of your simple questions is chosen at random by Vine Type each time someone fills out a write back form. Something as simple as How many in a dozen? is sufficient.

Write back comments aren't accepted by Vine Type without a correct answer to the question asked.

Real website visitors don't mind answering the question, and the bots aren't smart enough to get the answer right. And if they ever do figure out how many in a dozen, you simply change the questions.


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