Vine Type Content Management with Standards in Mind

16 Oct 2006


  • $flickr_api_key
  • behavioral
associated template variables
  • $_flickr
  • The API that Flickr gave you after you requested to receive one.
  • this value is required and permits Vine Type to access your photos at the Flickr web site.
joining flickr
  • signing up for an account on flickr is free. premium services cost extra, but Vine Type can display photos from a basic account

  • Visit the Flickr home page and click the sign up! button. Follow the directions and agree to the terms of use to create your Flickr account.

  • If you already have a Yahoo! mailbox or My Yahoo! account, the process is very quick.

requesting a key
  • Then, to request a key, visit the Flickr Services website.

  • Log into your Flickr account if you haven't already

  • Click on the Your API keys link and follow the directions. Where is asks Describe the application are you planning to build: add a sentence or two stating that you are going to display your own Flickr photos on your web site with the Vine Type CMS.


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