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28 Jun 2008

Vine Type 2.2 Now Available

Vine Type 2.2 is ready for immediate download. Subtitled With Extra SEO Goodness, Vine Type's 404 support and enhanced article summary improves search engine summary reports. In addition, v2.2 pro licenses gain new generic search engine sitemap capabilities.

  • fixed: (security issue) vinetype folder name is no longer shown in malformed xml message
  • fixed: no more gmt timestamp when saving articles
  • fixed: UTF-8 characters in ANSI-encoded file
  • fixed: $article_summaries:yes

  • new: generic feed=sitemap (pro licenses only)

  • new: $_now variables
    • several new now variables allow you to place the current time, date, or year wherever you'd like. I use the current year in my copyright notice.
  • new: $article_summaries_more
  • new: $article_summaries_more_img_url
  • new: $_article_summary
    • place this in your meta description tag for improved search engine results
  • new: $_articletitle_text
    • place this in a title tag for improved page titles
  • new: true 404s
  • new: srch $_nav_section
    • $_nav_section will contain "srch" when users use the srch widget.
  • new: $_commenting_open 0/1 indicator


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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