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27 Nov 2005

Vine Type 0.97 Now Available

Vine Type Version 0.97 Now Available for download.

Version 0.97

  1. Fixed

    • comment form does not appear during initial installation
    • the default "home" link is not click-able when viewing individual articles, search results, or archive pages.
    • the wrong comment template is occasionally displayed when using more than one template on a site.
  2. Added Features

    • recent articles
    • recent article headlines
  3. Upgrading from 0.96

    1. replace the vinetype.dll file on your server with the one from the file
    2. replace the default.html file on your server with the one from the file [see note]
    3. refresh your browser

[note] Step 2 adds the following two lines immediately after the line containing the text: $_article


If you've altered your default.html file and you want the comment feature, you can add these two lines manually without overwriting your default.html file.


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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