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25 Apr 2006

Vine Type Now Supports GoDaddy

Vine Type Version 0.99c is Now Available for download.

This version supports a new feature that allows placement of all Vine Type files and folders within the web space. This is a restriction for some hosting companies, such as GoDaddy.

Standard placement of files and folders is preferred as this places the vinetype.config file and the fonts folder outside of the web space.

The Alternate placement is also secure for the following reasons:

  1. The Microsoft web server (IIS) will not transfer any data from a file with a .config extension. This protects your password from being viewed by internet visitors.
  2. Vine Type requires that the vinetype folder be renamed to a name that is at least twenty characters in length. Making the name of your vinetype folder something difficult to guess (I suggest random letters and numbers) will protect your vinetype XML (data) files and font files.

Keep in mind protecting font files may be a part of your purchase agreement with the font vendor.

The difficult-to-guess minimum-twenty-characters folder name must be placed into a new vinetype.config file entry called $vinetype_folder. If this entry is absent, commented out, or blank, Vine Type will look for your vinetype folder at the same level as your web root as shown in the Preferred File Placement diagram below.

Comparison of file placement options

The preferred file layout is the way the Vine Type zip file is transferred: the vinetype and www (your web server's web root folder) are at the same level. This places the vinetype.config file completely outside of the web space. In this configuration, the vinetype folder must be named vinetype.

The new alternate file placement moves the vinetype.config to the web root, and moves the vinetype folder into the web space at the same level as the bin, behaviors, images, and other folders. The vinetype folder must be renamed in this configuration to something at least twenty characters long. That long name is then copied into a new vinetype.config setting entry.

Version 0.99c

  1. Added

    • Added alternate file layout option to support hosting companies that do not provide file access below web root.
  2. Upgrade Instructions

    • replace vinetype.dll in bin directory
    • refresh browser


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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