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15 Jul 2006

Vine Type 1.0 Now Available

Vine Type Version 1.0 is Now Available for download.

Version 1.0

  1. Fixed

    • Fixed improper reading of extended/international characters in vinetype.config file
    • Fixed conditional comment in default.html and alternate.html to apply behaviors only to IE6 and earlier
  2. Added

    • Added alternate file layout option to support hosting companies that do not provide file access below web root
    • Logon governor
    • New $website_tagline added to template files
  3. Rearranged

    • Rearranged directory structure to better handle additional templates
      1. removed images directory
      2. removed styles directory
      3. added templates directory
      4. created template subdirectories for default and alternate templates (now called steely and rusty)
    • this led to changes in the template files and css files
  4. Upgrade Instructions

    • replace vinetype.dll file
    • refresh your browser


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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