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17 Aug 2006

Vine Type 1.1 Now Available

Vine Type Version 1.1 is Now Available for download.

Version 1.1

  1. Fixed

    • Removed extraneous empty UL element in site map that caused an XHTML 1.1 validation error
    • Added code to ensure that cross-referenced articles are referenced only once in Google Site Map
    • Automatically trim whitespace around section names and cross-references when adding or editing an article
    • Fixed problem with $_site_map that caused cross-referenced articles to appear only once in the site map
  2. Added

    • Added guid element to RSS20 feed so it validates
    • Automatically attempt to convert relative paths in articles to absolute paths when serving up RSS20 feed
    • Added new CSS ids and classes to the $_section widget.

      After upgrading to 1.1, you may need to adjust your CSS to add a class reference for sectionowner. Top-level-section List (LI) elements will receive the listowner class rather than the section class when the user selects a subsection (second-tier) or below page. Websites with only top-level sections are unaffected.

  3. Removed

    • Removed the 00001_rusty template from file
    • Deprecated the $rss_urlvinetype.config variable - Vine Type will figure out your URL
  4. Changed

    • Adjusted default.css to accommodate change to $_section widget (see below)
  5. Upgrade Instructions

    • Replace vinetype.dll file
    • Refresh your browser
    • Adjust CSS adding definitions for class sectionowner if both the following are true:
      1. your site uses the $_section widget in a template file and
      2. your site contains second-tier subsections


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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