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03 Mar 2007

Vine Type 2.0 Now Available

Vine Type 2.0 is ready for immediate download. Version 2 of Vine Type is a .NET version 2 application. There are several changes, most notably a performance improvement by caching Ma.gnolia lists locally and updating them only once each hour.

Version 2

New requirement: .NET Framework 2.0 required. Vine Type 1.5 is the final Vine Type release supporting .NET Framework 1.1

  • fixed: removed spaces that often appeared in text entry boxes.
  • fixed: problem with non en-US cultures when calculating comment expiration
  • changed: XML file schema change. All references to "writeback" replaced with "comment." If upgrading from v1.x to v2.0 you must replace-all instances of "writeback" to "comment" in the following files
    • site.xml, site.xsl
    • wb.xml, wb.xsl
    • all template (.html) files in the vinetype folder
    • vinetype.config
    • your css files
      Only if you are upgrading from a v1 Vine Type website, do the following:
    • back up your files (copy to a different location or send the vinetype folder to a zip file)
    • open each xml, xsl, html template and vinetype.config file in a text editor
    • find and replace every occurence of writeback with comment
    • save the file
  • changed: article summaries no longer show images for better summary experience
  • added: ma.gnolia caching
  • added: new, better, statistics-gathering, snippet-showing, keyword-emphasizing search results.
  • added: $label_searchresult (vinetype.config)
  • added: $label_searchresults_matches (vinetype.config)
  • added: Alternating article style option with these two variables
    • $comment_alts (vinetype.config)
    • $_commentalt (template file)
  • added: Alternating article style option with these two variables
    • $article_alts (vinetype.config)
    • $_artalt (template file)


Visit the Download Area to test drive the standard in standards compliance.


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